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1 Month Update of Going Solo✈

It’s been a month since I quit my full time job and went solo.

I’m working as a consultant, freelancer and a solopreneur. The last 30 days have been scary and exciting.

Reflections –

(originally published in this Twitter thread)

Can’t believe it’s already been a month since I quit my job.

It’s gone so fast.

Some lessons I’ve learned in these 30 days –

I need to get better at this freelancing thing

I took on too many projects, got overwhelmed, and had to say no to some projects.

All plans will not work out.

I wanted to kick off my ghostwriting agency immediately.

Didn’t have the time and energy to do it in the last month.

Now working with a friend’s digital marketing agency to get ghostwriting clients. Aiming for slow, steady progress.

I need to figure out how to market my products on Twitter

Made 0 sales of any digital products in the last 1 month.

And very few newsletter signups via Twitter.

My greatest fear is I will come out too “salesy”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sell at all.

Need the right balance.

Having a regular consulting gig before quitting was a smart move.

Have had no financial pressure.

Also, keeping my expenses low has meant that my runway is still the same as last month – 24 months.

Grateful for that🙏

The best part is the freedom.

I mostly have an empty calendar.

Wake up, and sleep at my own wish, without alarms.

Finding good time for my health as well.

Have lost 2 KGs in the last month.

Which is awesome for me. There’s a long way to go, but feeling way healthier now.

Making friends on Twitter.

Have had so many amazing conversations in DMs and on Zoom calls.

Meeting fellow founders, solopreneurs, freelancers from across the world.

Twitter is just amazing.

(LinkedIn is just crap💩)

New projects.

Couple of new projects in the works.

Very excited for them.

Bought a new domain as well😅

So watch out for updates in the next week or so.

Saying No.

This is so important.

It’s hard for me to say no to someone coz I think I’ll sound like a jerk.

Have to learn to get rid of that feeling.

Have to value my time.

While staying respectful of the other person’s request.

Again, Balance⚖

Must strike it.



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