How I made $430 in sales in 7 days with just a landing page

How I made $430 in sales in 7 days with just a landing page
So for a long time I had this idea of mastermind groups for indie hackers.
I thought they would be really useful especially because bootstrapped founders don't have a strong support system to give them feedback, advice and mentorship like VC funded founders do have.
But I wasn't sure if people would be interested in a service like this or not.
I did speak to a few people about how they solved this problem and there were no concrete examples.
Of course, the Indie Hackers community plays a big role to solve this problem, but I thought there was space for a more high touch experience.
With that in mind I made a simple landing page for the service and announced it on Twitter.
It didn't get much traction on the first day, just a couple of people joined.
But as time went buy and I spoke about it more on Twitter and in my newsletter, I started getting interest from people.
Eventually over 7 days I crossed my initial target of 12 sales (3 mastermind groups).
This is enough for me to run the program for the first month and see how it goes.
My biggest lesson?
I promoted it in many places - Reddit, HN, even IH. But got sales only via 2 channels - Twitter and Email.
notion image
This tells me which are going to be my primary channels of distribution going forward.
Also, another lessons I realized is - if you have an idea playing in your head for a long time, then you should at least make a landing page for it and share it with people, see if they show interest.
This is the least you can do 😅
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Cheers, Ayush

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