Why David Perell’s Write of Passage writing course works (it’s not what you think!)

David perell writing

“Writing Online is the most under-utilized opportunity in the world today”

@david_perell, “the writing guy”

David is the most badass writer on the internet.

He makes more than $2M a year teaching his course – Write of Passage.

Here’s why Write of Passage works –

Over 5 weeks Write of Passage helps its students build-

  • A system of writing
  • A Portfolio of high-quality essays
  • A Seed of an audience It took David years to build the curriculum.

But that’s not the best part of the course.

The best part of the Write of Passage is the community around the cohort.

Members assemble together in a melting pot of ideas and feedback.

The community eventually improves each others’ writing.

That’s the essence of all well run Cohort Based Courses

David looks at WoP as the business school of the future.

Once you have an audience, it becomes way less risky to start a company.

The course helps its students build loyal audiences.

Write of Passage’s USP👇

  • Skill – Writing
  • Asset – Audience & Network
  • Outcome – Highly Successful Companies

Want more of David’s wisdom?

Read on –

  • Lessons from 2 of his best essays
  • Insights + Ideas + Inspiration from his successful journey as a solopreneur

The Power of Writing Online | David Perell✍

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