25 in 25 🚀

I’m starting a crazy challenge.

Starting June 22nd 2022 I will be launching 25 products in 25 weeks.
I’ve realized that I learn the most about business when I launch new products or services.
Most products have a simple path:
Idea > Build > Launch > Sell > Iterate > Keep selling
But there’s a risk of building something nobody wants, wasting time and effort into a dead project.
Also, I’ve felt that the most learning happens in the “Launch > Sell” phase in any product’s journey.
So I’m flipping the script. I’m bringing the learning phase as early as possible.
I’m going:
Idea > Launch > Sell > Build > Iterate > Keep selling
Of course, these will be simple, micro products, in many cases just landing pages that I can write in a day and put in front of people.
The point of doing this exercise is to narrow down the scope of each product, to it’s smallest, most atomic version possible.
And build on top of it, only if people find it worth paying for.
3 more reasons I’m doing this:
  1. To kill the fear of launching. Every time I have an idea, I get attached to it, live with it for a few days, and then when it comes time to launch I get scared that nobody will pay for it, so what’s the point of launching.
    1. And then give up.
      This is exposure therapy for me.
      By launching every week, I want to get immunity from this fear.
  1. To get rid of impostor syndrome. With every product I question myself that am I the right person to be building this. What if everyone thinks I am a fake.
    1. Well, the only people I should be caring about are my customers.
      If people are willing to pay money for a product, it’s good enough.
      Don’t need to feel like an impostor anymore.
      If they don’t pay, well then, move on to the next launch next week.
  1. To get actual feedback. People vote with their dollars, not with their words. I want to understand what makes people take out their credit cards and make a purchase.
    1. And the best way to do that is put a buy button in front of them and see their reaction.
      That’s real feedback.
      To make the products better, I can then reach out to people who’ve actually paid and customize it for them.
      That gives me a greater chance of building a product that people actually want than just shooting in the dark.
But why 25?
There are roughly 25 “work weeks” left in the year. Want to make the most of this time.
1 week is a fair time to “launch > sell > build” a micro product.
That’s why I’m going with 25 in 25.

So that’s it then, this is why I am doing this crazy thing 😅
I will update this page with details of each product. So make sure to bookmark it.
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If you’re on Twitter, you can also follow the journey there, I started with this launch tweet:

Project 1 - Indie Masterminds

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Major benefits:
  • Support and help
  • Accountability
  • And brutally honest feedback
Most solopreneurs need it.
A paid group makes sense because:
  • People who are serious about their business self select into it.
  • Most "free" communities have become promotion zones, hard to find valuable interactions.
  • Keeps you accountable to take positive action. You have skin in the game.
I'm structuring them as small groups of 4. So that everyone has their own "personal advisory board". Also, no recurring cost. Pay once, you're in forever.
Let’s see how it goes 🚀
Register here 👇

Launch Tweet:

Sold out 12 spots for the July mastermind program:

Project 2 - Blue Bird Essentials - 21 simple tips to get your first 1000 Twitter followers

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Simple tips and nuanced tricks for everyone starting out on Twitter.
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Launch Tweet:

Project 3 - Launch Like a Pro 🚀

A database of 50+ wildly successful product launch tweets. A swipe file that all entrepreneurs can use when they are about to launch their product on Twitter.
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Project 4 - Copy OS

A complete system to write high converting copy. (Like a Pro!)
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Project 5 - The User Interviews Playbook

An actionable framework to interview users effectively.
This is for -
  • Startup founders
  • Product Managers
  • Creators
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Launch Tweet:

Project 6 - Indie Masterminds (August)

The pilot edition of the program was well received, so I decided to launch it again in August.
Launch Tweet:
Landing Page 👇

Project 7 - Coming Soon…