Hey, I’m Ayush👋

Me in 10 Seconds?

I Read, I Write, I Think – in that order.

I am a Product Manager, Software engineer, Consultant, Freelancer, Writer, Researcher and many more things.

I am from India 🇮🇳

Me in 10 Minutes?

You can spend 10 mins on my Twitter profile or read my latest writings on my Blog page to get to know me better.

What I am Working Now?

A bunch of things actually. Thanks for asking.

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I love to work with interesting people on interesting problems.

Get in touch on Twitter, or see my “Contact” page.

Chat with Me?

Oh Yes! Love to have cool conversations. If you have an interesting topic to discuss, or just want to bounce ideas off – shoot me a DM or an E-mail. I respond to everything in my Inbox!

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