What I am Working on “Now”

Hey, I am Ayush👋
I work on a bunch of things, this page is a good place to see what I am working on right “now”.
Feel free to catch me on Twitter, if you want to chat about any of these projects, or some other project ideas that we can work on together🤗
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Now, let’s go👇


An AI writing assistant for the Mac.
I co-founded this tiny startup with a friend. We’re a 2 person team building and marketing this product.
It has grown at a slow and steady pace over more than a year. Thouands of people from around the world use the product. Which is very fulfilling and gratifying.
And it is my primary source of income at this point.
Started in June 2022, going strong in August 2023.
Check it out - Elephas

Indie Masterminds

Mastermind program and community for solopreneurs, creators and indie hackers.
A safe space to brainstorm ideas, get feedback and find like minded friends for this long journey of solopreneurship.
This is also a way for me to help people more closely, and many a times 1:1.
This is the most positive impact I’m able to create in people’s lives. My most fulfilling project ❤️
It started in June 2022, and is going well as of August 2023.


A collection of e-books, courses, cheat sheets and templates to help solo entrepreneurs like me build a business.
I captured and “productized” everything I know about business in this collection. To help people 2 steps behind me.
Check it out - Superframeworks
Also, emerged from here was my weekly newsletter by the same name.
Every week I search for interesting strategies and frameworks that can help solopreneurs and share it via email.
You get 1 actionable frameworks every week - Superframeworks Newsletter
This started in December 2022, and it’s going on as of August 2023.

25 in 25

This crazy adventure that I took on in June of 2022.
Tried to launch 25 projects in 25 weeks.
With no formal business education, and no background in marketing or sales, I had to find some way to teach myself business.
So I decided to launch a product a week, go from idea to pre-launch, sales and marketing - all in 7 days, for 25 times straight.
I failed, got burnt out and had to take a 3 week break towards the end.
But it was the most enriching experience of my life.
Top lessons here.
This started in June 2022, and ended in December 2022.

Make Money With Words

A course to help you find your voice and monetize your writing.
Loved validating and building this course.
Poured everything I know about online writing into this course.
104+ pages of no fluff content.
7+ hours of video content.
29 exercises and lifetime community access.
Check it out here: Make Money With Words

Tweet For Me

A Ghostwriting service for busy professionals.
Twitter is the most important social media platform today. It’s important to have a presence there. But not everyone has the time, energy or skills to do that.
That’s where I come in.
This project is a ton of fun, do check it out here: TweetForMe
(Paused as of June 2022.)

Listen Up IH

This newsletter now has a home of it’s own.
After writing it on the Indie Hackers platform for 6 months, and crossing 1300 subscribers, I figured it deserved a home of its own.
Did a bunch of research and set up a Ghost based site. To publish the weekly articles and send them out in newsletter format.
Sharing the journey on Twitter –
Adding more “features” to the newsletters as. It is ever-evolving, changing every week, always getting better for the reader.
Do check it out –
Later merged into Superframeworks

The Indie Creator

A weekly newsletter for indie creators to crush it in the creator economy.
3 Minute insights delivered as a curation of Tweets + Articles + Videos that I found useful.
This is directed at someone who is just 1 year behind in my journey. Someone who doesn’t have a lot of time and yet wants to start his creator journey.
And gain from Twitter.
If that sounds someone like you, do subscribe, or read the archives.
Later merged into Superframeworks

Product @ Founder Gigs

We (the team at Howdy) started FounderGigs off of a viral tweet back in late 2021.
Got great traction and built a sustainble business. Helping talented founders find part time work.
Eventually had a great exit in March 2022.
Great experience, learnt a lot during this period.

Going Solo

Quit my full time job in a large corporation.
Now getting into consulting and freelancing.
Consulting as a Product Manager and freelancing as a writer.
Nervous, excited and blessed to be able to make this move.
I list down my reasons for quitting the corporate rat race,, and details of my future plans in this blog post👇

Product @ TalkHowdy

It’s a super early stage startup in the communities space.
I have personally benefited a lot from being a part of online communities, and I think everyone should be a part of few online communities.
I think I can add value as a Product Manager. My background in tech plus my deep interest in online businesses helps me navigate product management smoothly.
I’m excited for the opportunities I am getting as a PM at Howdy😃

Listen Up! IH

This is a weekly newsletter I started in March 2021.
I am a big fan of podcasts, Indie Hackers is one of my favorites.
I think there is a lot to learn from the IH podcast for anyone looking to build a solo business(like me)
I try and condense the timeless wisdom and actionable insights from these podcasts in a newsletter format. So it becomes easier for busy solopreneurs to get the best ideas from every episode.
You can subscribe to it on it’s Indie Hackers page – Listen Up! – IH and you can read the archives on my IH profile page.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Tweeple – The Wisdom of Twitter

This e-book is the definitive guide on making the best use of Twitter.
If you are a creator, a consumer or a networker, Twitter can help you a lot to achieve your goals.
You can build an audience on Twitter, or you can use it a university to learn from the best people in any field, and you can also use it to collaborate with folks in your industry.
The book contains 7 chapters broken down into the actual steps you need to take to achieve your goals.
It was a #BuildInPublic project written in 30 Days as part of a challenge. You can find out more about the book in this launch thread on Twitter.
And you can buy the book on it’s Gumroad page.
If you’re unsure of why Twitter is the most important platform of the 21st century, or why you need a presence there, you should read this post – The Promise of Twitter

The Toolkit for Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits is the most important book of the 21st century.
If you read it🤷‍♂️
The tactics and tools mentioned in the book have been transformational for me.
Habits have become an integral part of my life ever since I read that book.
But everyone I talked to was not sure how to get started after reading the book.
They weren’t sure how to apply the lessons.
The book mentions more than 10 tools we can use to bring about positive behavior change in our life.
Right from a habit scorecard, to a habit tracker and even a habit contract.
So we compiled all the tools in a toolkit and built an info product from it.
You can find out more about the toolkit on its Gumroad page.
You can also buy it there – The Toolkit for Atomic Habits

The Wisdom Project

This is a weekly newsletter I started in September 2019, with my lovely wife Aditi.
And it’ still going strong💪
Every week, we curate and create timeless ideas that help you become healthy, wealthy and most of all Wise.
This is also a way for us to “learn in public”.
We take complex ideas and break them down into simple forms either through blogs posts or visuals. Or both.
This project has been transformational for both of us. Researching and writing it has changed the way we think about our work and life.
You can subscribe to it on Substack and also check out latest articles on The Wisdom Project website.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.