How I got 675 people on a waitlist in 24 hours with just a single tweet

How I got 675 people on a waitlist in 24 hours with just a single tweet
So as part of my 25In25 challenge I have been launching products every week for 5 weeks now.
Some have done well, others not so much.
Product launches on Twitter go bad for a bunch of reasons -
  • Either the the offer isn’t compelling enough
  • Or the problem I’m trying to solve isn’t painful enough.
  • Or the Twitter algorithm plays strange games with you and your launch tweet doesn’t get seen by anyone.
But last week it seemed like all the stars had aligned just in the right places 🤩
I had a near perfect launch for my Copywriting product - Copy OS.
My last launch had failed big time just a week back
So this time I wanted to solve the 3 main reasons I felt were responsible for the failed launch.
So I needed -
  • A compelling offer
  • Solving a painful problem
  • Hack the Twitter algorithm
I knew copywriting was a painful problem for most founders.
They have to hire expensive copywriters to write copy for their landing pages or take expensive courses.
I think copywriting is more science than art.
There are systems and frameworks people follow that get them write effective copy.
In fact most copywriters already have systems in place for this.
So I thought I will build Notion dashboard that people can use to write copy for their products.
That’s a painful enough problem.
Next I wanted to make the offer a no-brainer.
So I offered the product for free!
And not just to a few people, but actually to a lot of people 😅
Some kind people did pay for the product, and I eventually turned on the paywall as well. I’ve made almost $200 in revenue till now in 8 days.
But more importantly, on that first day, I kept the product completely free, and people kept coming in.
To solve the 3rd problem (of the Twitter algorithm), I didn’t post the link to the product in a Tweet.
Instead I asked people to reply with an emoji.
I’ve used this strategy before as well and I’ve documented my reasons for it in this post and this newsletter post.
This strategy basically drives up your engagement numbers, so there are more chances of your tweet going viral and getting seen by many more people.
Well that did happen in this case!
That tweet has garnered 42K impressions by now, and helped me cross the 4000 follower mark on Twitter.
Within 24 hours, that launch got me 675+ people signed up to receive Copy OS .
notion image
Over the week I added 100 more users and shipped the product yesterday.
And I’m so glad that its already got 8 “5 star ratings” on Gumroad. So there is quality in the product, I can promote it in the future for a premium price.
Plus I’ve got almost 800 people on my email list that I can reach out to next time when I launch a product.
I think overall this has worked out well 😀
I’m going to try this approach again in a few weeks with some other product. Let’s see how it goes.
If you want to stay updated on the progress of this project, then make sure to signup for my newsletter, I send 1 email a week, no spam, pure value 🤗
Cheers, Ayush

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