How to get engagement on Twitter

How to get engagement on Twitter, answer from Ayush

How to get engagement on Twitter

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This post is part of a series - 1 question interviews of the most successful creator-entrepreneurs.
Today’s guest is ME - Ayush.
Actually I did an AMA session with the Hypefury Discord community a couple of days ago, and answered a bunch of very interesting questions around building an audience and a business off Twitter.
I thought I had to share at least 1 answer here.
So let’s get started
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Question to me:

"How do you go about building engagement from zero? People seem to be okay with retweeting and liking, but getting replies is tough."

My Answer:

Yes, it's hard, when you're absolutely at 0, best to be the "engager" to other people than expect engagement from them. You won't get much engagement up until 200-300 followers. Then you can use 3 strategies to get engagement:
1. Engage with similar sized accounts everyday, on a similar journey. They will engage back soon enough and you will make friends.
2. DM everyone who follows you and strike up a conversation. Early on it's easy to do, once you cross 1000 followers it will become very hard. But the network you build early on will be around you forever. And those people will start to engage with you.
Hope you found the answer useful.

Thanks for joining in.
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