How to start as a Creator-Entrepreneur

1 question interview with Josh Spector - How to start as a creator entrepreneur from 0

How to start as a Creator-Entrepreneur
This post is part of a series - 1 question interviews of the most successful creator-entrepreneurs.
Today’s guest is Josh Spector.
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My Question:

If you lost all your audience today, and had to start over from scratch, how would you start? You have all the knowledge you have today, but 0 audience, what's the strategy as a creator-entrepreneur?

Josh' Answer:

"It would start with what my overall goal was. Audience growth is a tool that can help you accomplish a goal, it’s not a goal itself. So first I’d have to figure out what I wanted to accomplish, then who I needed to reach to accomplish it, then what those people value, then how I could provide that value to them in order to attract them."
"Whatever I did from an audience growth standpoint would be hyper specific and aligned with my goal and the people I wanted to attract to accomplish it."
"Btw I actually think a huge mistake lots of people make is they try to grow an audience but have no idea why they want one or who they want it to be or what they want that audience to do. Those people inevitably wind up very frustrated."

Final Word

Listen to Josh guys, don't blindly go after building an audience, know your "why" and go hyper specific. I know you are multi-passionate, but when you're starting to build anything online, you need to go super narrow. Serve a very specific audience. That's the best way to grow from 0.
PS: Do let me know of what you think of such 1 - question interviews, if you have someone in mind, feel free to let me know, I will do my best to reach out to them and interview them.
PPS: I got the idea for this segment from Josh' skill sessions, highly recommend it.

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