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Choosing the right platform for my newsletter and blog✍

I’m setting up a Ghost site for my newsletter Listen Up IH

Its past 1300 subs now, I figured high time it had a separate identity.

(beyond the Indie Hackers website)

Reflections on the pro/cons of all the blogging platforms I’ve considered –

(originally published as a Twitter thread)


Pros –

  • Self hosted – Complete control to the creator
  • Great support and love from the dev community

Cons –

  • Need too many plugins to get the basic stuff done
  • Can get slow if you’re not an expert

This was my 1st choice, but it felt like too much extra work.


Pros –

  • Very easy to set up.
  • Great creator experience.

Cons –

  • Very little control over the UX.
  • Every Substack looks the same🤷‍♂️
  • No post level SEO controls.
  • Only GA and FB analytics option
  • Takes 5% cut for every paid sub (This is bad when scaling)


Pros –

  • Looks beautiful.
  • Granular SEO controls.

Cons –

  • A bit hard to setup.
  • Way beyond what I need.
  • Too expensive (I’m thrifty😅)


Pros –

  • Direct Signup from Twitter
  • (that’s it🙃)

Cons –

  • Poor creator experience
  • Not meant for blogging, only to send emails
  • No SEO features.

Experimenting with Revue for The Indie Creator newsletter.

Notion Based

There are No-Code website builder on top of Notion like MDX.ONE, and

Pros –

  • I love notion, it’s super easy to use, do all my writing on it anyways
  • It’s easy to setup

Cons –

  • Hard to have gated content.
  • No native newsletter option.

I’m a big fan of these website builders, but Ghost seemed to be the best option👇


Pros –

  • Fast
  • Easy to setup
  • Fits my Pocket
  • Newsletter Built in
  • Self hosted option available
  • Gated content option built in
  • Great writing and reading experience

Cons –

  • Poor native analytics
  • Limited themes in base plan.

To Do

Work around the cons, I’m on it, will have an update by next week soon.

Thank you for reading🙏

Hope this helps you in your platform choice.

I’m reading up on all the analytics options right now.

Watch out for next week’s post for what I learn.

Hint – I hate Google, would rather have no analytics than GA. More next week. Ciao👋

Let me what you think, say hi on Twitter –