My Build In Public Manifesto

This is a way for me to clearly understand why I am doing what I am doing.

Why This Doc?

Will refer to this doc from time to time to stay on the BIP path. Revise it when there is some new information or insight that I have.
This is a way for me to clearly understand why I am doing what I am doing.


What will I do in public?
Me & my wife have been running a weekly newsletter for the last 80 weeks — The Wisdom Project.
We try to draw out insights from the best Books, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos in the world. We write about them, make podcasts and now recently, we have started making info products out of them.
We have future plans for more info products and a couple of niche content sites focused on SEO and AD revenue.
We will talk about these projects when we talk about BIP.


Why to Build in Public?
A few reasons I can think of —


18 months ago, I sent an email to 15 of my closest friends and said I will send them this email every Sunday.
It was on a whim. I had been thinking about it for a while, but just couldn’t get to it, whenever I tried to start it, life got in the way.
But once I sent that email on a random day, there was no turning back. I have been doing it for 18 months now!
External accountability seems to do wonders for me.
If I have told someone that I am going to do something then I AM going to do it.
With BIP, I want to leverage this tendency of myself.

Support & Inspiration

BIP is a fledgling community right now. There are plenty of talented people building interesting stuff on the internet.
I feel inspired by them day in and day out. I wan to make friends with them, help them, maybe collaborate with them.
Most of all I want to support them and be inspired by them.

Authenticity & Trust

I want to openly talk about the things I am building.
I am going to discover my future customers online, and I want them to know that I am an authentic creator who deeply cares about the stuff he is building.
I am not going to sell something which I have never talked about on the internet before, or I myself haven’t benefited from before.
Through BIP I am looking to be as authentic and trustworthy to my future customers as possible. Form long term relationships with them, be genuinely interested in their well-being and help them in their endeavours.
Through BIP I want to be authentic and trustworthy to my friends, fellow builders and future customers.

Audience ≠ Customer

I realize there may be great overlap between my audience and my customers.
But I won’t be too salesy in my online interactions. I would look to provide genuine value to all my audience — irrespective if they are my customers or now.
Again, to the previous point, authenticity and trust is more important than💲
“It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and 5 minutes to destroy it.” — Warren Buffet


How will I Build in Public?
I will talk about the stuff I am reading and writing about. Share some numbers once in a while. Don’t want to repeatedly blast my audience with just information that they will care very less about.
Also, will do it mostly on Twitter, and sometimes on the weekly newsletter.
Want to keep the newsletter more for the customers than the audience. Again, BIP data will make it there if it makes sense, if it fits the context.
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