The 3 part system to break out of writer’s block (and become a prolific creator)

I never suffer from writer's block. This 3 part system makes sure that I always have interesting ideas to write about: 1. Consuming a lot 2. A note-taking system that works. 3. The transformations in my life. Let's break it down:

The 3 part system to break out of writer’s block (and become a prolific creator)

I never suffer from writer's block.

This 3 part system makes sure that I always have interesting ideas to write about:
  1. Consuming a lot
  1. A note-taking system that works.
  1. The transformations in my life.
Let's break it down:

1. Consumption

Reading books, blogs, tweets, podcasts. When you're driving a car, you need gas in the tank.
What you consume = Fuel
How much you create = Your car's range.
If you stopped reading altogether, you won't be able to write beyond a point. You'll run out of gas.
So you need to read a lot.
But you can't consume mindlessly.
If you consume all topics from all sources, you will be confused when you sit down to write.
That's why I'm very particular about my sources. I only read from creators I admire.
And unfollow everything else.
I've stopped reading LinkedIn articles and posts. Because the writing on LinkedIn is too formal and fake.
I want my writing to be raw and authentic. So LI is a big no-no.
Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against LinkedIn.
But that's just not the kind of writing I want to do myself.
if I consume it, then I will subconsciously be influenced by it.
Same with IG reels.
If I want my writing to have depth, then I can't consume shallow content.
So be very mindful of what you consume.

2. Note Taking system.

Personal Knowledge Management is an entire industry in itself.
But I don't think you need a very complicated system to store links and ideas.
I start every project with a simple WhatsApp group with myself.
This is the latest one for my writing course.
notion image
I start pulling in links and resources in that group. Add little snippets with each link.
This works because it's fast and simple.
And I visit WhatsApp daily anyways.
This group always gives me a few ideas to write about. But It doesn't work for long-term notes collection.
For that, I have a Notion database.
I collect interesting links there from time to time. And I revisit the Notion DB occasionally.
Especially when I'm out of ideas to write about.
My point is:
You don't need a complicated system for notes.
You just need a system that works for you
It can be on WhatsApp, Slack, Notion, Evernote, or Roam.
It just has to be searchable and accessible.
Sure, you can build a second brain
But know that ultimately that brain has to produce stuff.

3. Transformations

This is the key to all impactful writing.
The job of your writing is to take the reader from point A to point B.
If it can do that, then it's good.
If it can't, then it's bad.
You can use the transformations in your own life to beat writer's block.
These are some of my transformations:
  • Non-writer to Writer
  • Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Developer to Product Manager.
I can write about each of them at length.
Because I have literally lived those transformations. And they can help someone 2 steps behind me.
My writing can take them from point A to Point B in their life.
Like this blog post.
This is not written for a prolific writer who publishes every day.
They already know this shit.
Instead, this post is written for someone 2 steps behind me.
It can give them ideas on how to beat writer's block.
That's the transformation this post promises.
Writer's block -> No writer's block
It's easy for me to write this post because I have gone through that transformation myself.
I write 2000+ words every day.
For myself and my clients.
Across tweets, threads, blog posts, and e-books.
I do 4+ hours of daily writing.
Writing is the core of my business.
It's how I make a living on the internet.
I can't afford to suffer from writers' block.
This 3 part system works for me.
And I know that it will work for anyone who is suffering from writer's block. I hope you found this thread useful. If you have your own rules or systems to beat writer's block, would love to learn from you.
I published this post as a Tweet thread, do let me know what you think, and also check out what other people have to say about this system.
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